What is Sense Monitoring?

Sense Monitoring monitors brand mentions in the social and online media simultaneously. These mentions can be categorized under any desired tags, and provide an environment where the experiences of clients concerning your brand, or that of your competitors, is collected together at a single point.


It collects brand mentions using keywords, and categorizes the content.


It ensures that the categorized results, numbers and distributions are simplified and understandable through the use of tables and infographics.


The mentions concerning the brand, which have been categorized, are periodically reported and shared with the brand.

Takes Action

The important contents related to the brand are notified immediately, and where there are circumstances of a critical nature, it takes action within a short period of time.

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For Brands

Meaningful Results

Achieve meaningful results with editing directed at “Filtered Words” and “Unwanted Words”. Filtered words can be used to filter the content required together with the searched words, and unwanted words can be used to prevent content which is not wanted from appearing together with the word. More than one search can be created under just one search, ensuring a differentiation between the brand and competitors. Tagging is performed based on needs due to the dynamic tagging structure.

Author Analyses

Sense Monitoring is used not only to analyze content, but also the authors who share content. The content created by authors, and their social media information are collected together on one page, and an author profile is created. The number of followers on the Twitter, their Klout score, the number of articles they have written on the brand, their Twitter Bio information and Facebook user information can be seen on their profile pages. The authors who have created the most amount of positive / negative content can be reached by using the filtering options.

Detailed Reporting

Analysts can examine the content gathered by Sense Monitoring in detail. The content can be converted quickly to PDF reports in the system. The content can be interpreted thanks to those reports and delivered to the brands. The reports can be created in either English or Turkish. Summaries are also presented to the brands together with weekly management evaluations. The content and author profiles can also be downloaded via Sense Monitoring, in Excel format.

Popular Topics

Popular topics list the answer to the question, “What is being mentioned?” next to the searched words. Due to instantaneous measuring, the moment of crisis can be controlled in advance, and brands have the opportunity to measure their trends with the help of the listed results. Mentions can also be made meaningful due to popular topics, without having to carry out tagging or other similar procedures on big data. This means that big data can also be analyzed with ease.

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For Agencies

User Activities

This feature records the activities of users who do tagging – reporting on the accounts. This allows the performance evaluation of the analysis team to be performed on Sense Monitoring.

Notification Center

Thanks to the Instant Notification feature, the content which is important for the brand on the account can be e-mailed to the brand from the system. The content can also be commented on before sending the notification to the user carrying out the procedures.

Alert System

With the Alert System, the individuals who have a high number of followers, and who share content related to the brand, are notified by e-mail. The lower limit of number of followers, for individuals who have a high number of followers, can be set by users.

Responding to Content

The system allows for the posting of fast replies to the content posted on Twitter and Facebook. Social media management for these two channels can be provided via Sense Monitoring.

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  • Editor
  • Effect
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Berke Civan

The Sensekit which we started to acquire in 2012 has been one of the most important tools we have used in the preparation of our “Social Media Communication Strategies”. This service, which we started out acquiring for 1 of our brands in 2012, is being acquired for 6 of our brands in 2014. Monitoring the content created concerning our brands, and listening to our consumers, are providing us with important solutions in the determination of our action plans, and increasing our awareness on many topics.


Banu Erdi

Co-Founder at Base İletişim

The biggest feature which separates Sensekit from the rest is its ability to ‘Analyze’ and report based on the data it finds, and to obtain values from the data it reports. At a time when ‘Big Data’ is being discussed, and the focus of brands on the social media has started to be based on the ‘CRM’ approach, analyzing the tracks left by individuals on the social media, and shaping the marketing activities of brands in the light of this, has become a very important subject. In short, being able to obtain the marketing brief of our brands directly from the consumers themselves, and creating a difference in the new generation of the world of marketing is much easier.


Onur Saraçoğlu

Social Media Director at Effect PR

Sensekit is one of the most important tools we have been using since 2011 in order to be able to analyze the perception of the brands we provide a service to in the social media arena, and to develop communication strategies for them. Being able to monitor the shared content in the social media correctly, and instantly, enables us to offer consumers quick solutions and ensures that we can take our next step in the right place and at the right time.

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